Control Your Costs

Control Your Costs | Office Automation of Gainesville

While there are many different ways to control your budget and cut costs, we have suggestions for how you can take your existing equipment, software and programs to fit within your budget.

Managing your print infrastructure is the first step to getting your costs under control. Unauthorized printing, underutilized devices, and wasted print jobs are all ways that your printing may be pushing you over your desired budget.

Here are a few specific ways that we can help you to control and reduce your costs and save money:

  • Control, restrict and monitor your printing/devices
  • Limit the amount of printing that any individual can make
  • Restrict color printing
  • Set defaults to black and white and double-sided printing
  • Pay only one bill for your print output
  • Delete jobs that are never picked up at the device
  • Invest in devices that are Energy Star certified and use Intelligent Ready technology

While these are just a few ways to control and monitor your print costs, there are many more ways to save. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your organization and help you start saving.